N Chainz

A high performance, decentralized cryptocurrency exchange written in Go.


An automated assistant that optimizes and organizes your schedule for you.

Firebase backend plugin for Mavo

As part of the MIT CSAIL Haystack Group. Implemented Firebase backend plugin for Mavo web framework.


Miscolor is easy to learn but hard to master. This is your chance to race against the clock, fight your instincts, improve your mental agility, and kill time!

Class materials

See materials I’ve written from classes I’ve taken at MIT here

More projects

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Check out my blog for analyses I posted on papers I’m currently reading.

Inspired by The Morning Paper.

Raft Protocol Implementation

A fault tolerant key/value storage system


MIT’s lost and found box.

Microbenchmarking GPUs

As part of the MIT CSAIL Database Group. Microbenchmarking newer generations of NVIDIA GPUs, including GeForce GTX Titan X.

Go Interpreter and Compiler

Simple interpreter and compiler written in Go for a toy language.